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Portfolio of Work

Google play store

In today's world, everyone uses the app. While designing application most of the time major side of it is missing that is - checking the ethical part of it. This project looks into this problem more deeply. Research| Service design


Streamline data journeys across multiple Frontline Health Workers  ​  Design research | Service design | UX design

At the bus stop

In the Bangalore city, most of the people commute by bus and bus stop is the main place where the connect daily. There are many loopholes in the existing bus stop. This project tries to highlight problem with a proposed solution. Design Research | Service design


Semita is a application which help women to maintain their reproductive health by being women's care taker. UX design | Product design

Metro city travel

Adult learning while travelling in new cities in metros. Design research | UX design

Board game

This project look in to problem related to reproductive health awareness. It try to educated girl child about their body in a playful way. Design research | Game design

banking service

Banking service and experience design for people with disabilities. Design research | service design

The quality care

This project highlight the quality of care in women and child care. The question should not be why do women not accept the service that we offer, but why do we not offer a service that women will accept? System design | design research

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